Personal tax preparation services in Toronto’s West End

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What’s so special about Westown?

We specialize in offering high quality service in the west end of Toronto, Ontario and we’re very responsive. Our clients get their tax return prepared quickly and reviewed by a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) with over fifteen years experience preparing taxes for client of all types.

We have helped new immigrants, students, retired seniors on fixed income, high net worth individuals, artists, entrepreneurs, and many others. Contact us for help with your tax return.

Tax Tips

Can you help me claim Work from Home Expenses?

Yes, we can help you claim the credits for Working from Home during the COVID-19 crisis in accordance with the new rules implemented by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
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I haven’t filed my taxes in 5 or more years

We can help you with your prior year returns, and help you catch up. Contact us for details to discuss your particular circumstances.
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Do I have to make instalment payments?

Taxpayers who consistently owe the CRA $3000 or more will be required to make instalment payments in advance. We’ll explain how to best plan your finances to manage this requirement and avoid penalties.
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I’m moving or planning to do so: can I deduct my costs?

The CRA has specific rules regarding tax deductible moving expenses. Book a consultation with us to discuss your personal scenario to see how to help offset the costs of moving across Ontario, Canada, or around the world for school or work.
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Contact us to learn more about attending personal tax preparation workshops hosted by Andrew Krupowicz, CPA, CA. Each participant in this workshop is be equipped with the knowledge to feel equipped to handle their personal income taxes with less stress. Reference materials are provided for participants along with ample time for questions and answers.

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